YEW HEDGING - Fully Grown Irish Mature hedges installed in one day
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Yew Hedging

Yew is a marvelous hedge. It’s slow growing, easy maintain and can be trimmed to give the very smooth formal hedge lines. Yews’ versatility makes it a timeless classic suitable to both the old traditional garden and the ultra-modern contemporary garden and everything in between.

Common Yew

Taxus baccatta

Yew is the KING of all hedges. It’s found in all the great gardens of the world and rarely omitted from professional designs. Its suitability for formative shaping is unsurpassed due to its slower growth rates, incredibly dense habit and rich dark colour once established.  And as with all evergreens it is ideal screening for privacy, shelter, security and sound 365 days a year.  This reliable, hardy and easily maintained evergreen is the chosen one. If you like clean lines, this one is for yew !!