Why a Mature Hedge - Fully Grown Irish Mature hedges installed in one day
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Why install

Mature Hedges

Property value, beautifully landscaped gardens/outdoor living spaces, privacy, security and shelter are just some of the many benefits of a pre-grown installed mature hedge that come to mind. It takes many years to grow and nurture our plants into a fully grown mature hedge. Whether you need to upgrade your garden or replace boundaries that are damaged, the reasons to install a mature pre-grown hedge are many.

Speed, convenience and the pride and admiration your property will enjoy are more obvious benefits that come to mind. Plus, statistics show that a well maintained beautiful landscaped garden adds significant value to your property.

Why Consider a Mature Hedge?

We provide quick beautiful solutions that provide instant privacy for you, your family and your property. A Mature Hedge provides multiple benefits such as shelter, screening and security. We advise on creative solutions for your patio, barbecue and outdoor living spaces.


There is nothing like a lovely day spent lounging in your garden. Privacy in your extended living areas adds comfort and value to your property. We offer hedges of various density and height, call us today and we will do our best to provide a fast professional hedging solution to screen and add privacy for you and your family.


“Out of sight, out of mind.” Protect your property from prying eyes, keep your lawn furniture and barbecue areas hidden in complete privacy from public viewing. Work in your garden or unload your car away from prying eyes. We offer quick solutions to screen your property and it only takes a day for a fully grown mature hedge installation.


In Ireland the sunniest days can be nippy with a cool breeze removing all the heat and enjoyment from your outdoor areas. We can transform your garden in one day, so you can enjoy more sunshine days starting today. For those who like to read or barbecue, we have hedge solutions for your garden or patio. Large or small, call today for a chat.