Our Hedges - Fully Grown Irish Mature hedges installed in one day
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Mature Hedges

We offer a supply and plant service for the convenience of our customers in Ireland and are happy to provide you with honest, impartial advice to ensure you pick the best hedging plant for your needs, then get you off to a flying start.

A reliable, vigorous, hardy evergreen. It does exactly what it says on the tin! Its dense shiny foliage makes it ideal screening for privacy, shelter, security and sound 365 days a year.
Common Laurel
Prunus laur. Rotundifolia

Novita Laurel
Prunus laur. Nova.

Caucasica Laurel
Prunus laur. Caucasica
Portugese Laurel
Prunus lusitanica Angustifolia

Renvanyii laurel
Prunus laur. Renvanyii

Herbergii Laurel Hedging
Prunus laurocerasus Herbergii
Beech emerges lush green in Spring/Summer, and depending on the vatiety quickly changes to deep incredibly rich purple or orange, and transformsi n colour during the year. A dramatic hedge to own, it’s reliable, hardy and easy to maintain. It really packs a punch!
Copper/Purple Beech
Fagus sylvatica atropurpurea
Green Beech
Fagus sylvatica
Yew is the KING of all hedges. It’s found in all the great gardens of the world and rarely omitted from professional designs. Its suitability for formative shaping is unsurpassed due to its slower growth rates, incredibly dense habit and rich dark colour once established.  And as with all evergreens it is ideal screening for privacy, shelter, security and sound 365 days a year.
Common Yew
Taxus baccatta
Box hedging is the ultimate border hedge. Its slow growing, dense evergreen habit makes it the ideal low border hedge.  Perfect for edging paths, driveways, shrub beds etc etc.  It is neat, tidy and formal in appearance.  Great choice for that clean classic look.
Common Box
Buxus sempervirens
Green privet was widely used in the past and while it fell out of ‘fashion’ it has been undergoing a real revival of late. Cedars are wonderful hardy evergreen hedges. Cedar’s extremely dense habit is easily maintained and controlled due to its steady growth rate. They are very suited to exposed sites. Hornbeam on the other hand can be mistaken for Beech, it too undergoes those wonderful seasonal colour changes. From lush green spring emergent’s, dark green summer tones, autumnal fires of orange and yellows to winter rustic browns.
Green Privet
Ligustrum Ovalifolium

White Cedar
Thuja occ. Brabant
Western Red Cedar
Thuja plicata Excelsa

Carbines betulus
Oleaster or Silverberry is a visually aesthetic vigorous hardy evergreen. Equally at home inland or on the coast, this hedge is a good choice for exposed sites. Despite this, it is also shade and drought tolerant.  It has striking metallic grey green leaves and its silvery under leaf flashes notes of interest especially in windy conditions.Red Robin is fast growing red plant which holds it’s leaves all year round. Osmanthus x burkwoodii is a dense dark green evergreen hedge with the bonus of fragrant jasmine-like flowers in April and May.
Osmanthus Burkwoodii

Eleagnus ebbingii
Red Robin
Photon Red Robin