More Information - Fully Grown Irish Mature hedges installed in one day
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Mature Hedges

Do you install Mature Hedges nationwide in Ireland?

Yes, we will install a Mature Hedge for you anywhere in Ireland. We service all thirty two counties.

What are the advantages of a mature hedge versus a new plant?

It takes many years to grow and nurture a new plant into a fully grown mature hedge. In the years that pass, your property will not enjoy the shelter and privacy afforded by a fully grown hedge. There are many reasons to install a mature pre grown hedge, but speed, convenience and the instant makeover your property will enjoy are the obvious advantages that come to mind. Plus, statistics show that a well maintained beautifully landscaped garden adds significant value to a property.

What are the various uses of a mature hedge installation?

Over the years we have provided many solutions for both residential and commercial clientele. Most clients use our pre-grown larger hedges to add privacy, shelter or screening to their properties. Often a client will choose several varieties to add texture, colour and decorative features to their gardens and outdoor entertainment areas. Commercial uses are more varied. Business developments often use mature hedges to cheer up a car park or outline footpaths or outdoor social areas.

How long will my hedge last?

Hedges will outlast their owners with the right care and attention. Ireland’s climate is very suitable for the varieties of hedges we grow and supply. Of course, it is a natural product and certain conditions such as poorly placed walls or paving, storms and flooding can have an adverse effect on your hedge and garden. Proper care and attention will ensure a long life for your mature grown hedge.

Is there much maintenance with a Mature Hedge?

Hedges are a quite durable and require relatively low maintenance. You should trim your hedge back twice a year to keep its shape. Annual mulching under your hedge in the early years will be of benefit but generally is not essential.

Can I install your pre-grown mature hedge myself?

Installing a hedge needs preparatory work and requires some skill and knowledge along with a lot of graft and sweat!!! We offer different levels of maturity. Our premium grades weigh in at a 150kgs a unit. So we provide the expertise and sweat to install these hedges. All installations by our teams are guaranteed (T & C’s) and your full satisfaction is assured. The standard and economy grades may be self planted. Some experience and sweat are required. Warning – self planting may require heavy lifting. We will give you as much advice as possible to get you through.

Are Mature Hedges evergreen all year-round?

We grow both deciduous and evergreen varieties at our hedge nursery here in Ireland. We can provide you with various options according to your needs.

Can I choose to have more than one type of hedge for my landscaping needs?

Yes. In fact many of our clients choose more than one type of hedge variety for their properties to serve different areas of their gardens or landscaping projects. Some varieties are suitable as decorative additions while others are denser and are often preferred to add privacy or shelter to an area. All hedges come in sections, so are very versatile for all types of uses.

Do you recommend fertiliser or other treatments?

Yes, but not too much. Our experienced landscapers will advise you at installation as advice will be tailored to your soil type and variety.

More questions?

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