Advice - Fully Grown Irish Mature hedges installed in one day
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Mature Hedges


Choosing a hedge can be easy. Pick a plant you like. It’s the first layer on the canvas and doesn’t necessarily have to be the centre of attention in your garden. But make sure you like it, and/or like what it offers e.g. privacy, shelter, colour etc. In the vast majority of sites, soil conditions will support most hedge types. It’s often helpful to note what’s doing well in your locality. If you have a diverse array of hedges in the area, it’s always a good sign. The world is usually your oyster as regards choice. If there is only one predominant hedge in your area, there may be a reason. That’s where we come in. If in doubt we can help. Call Mike on 0579123833.  Don’t let the maintenance debacle cloud your decision. Most hedges can be maintained with an annual trim. Timing of your pruning can significantly help. A secret of the trade!!!! We have been known to divulge such information under duress. Every hedge has it strengths but as long as you like it, that’s the main thing. The question of vigour or fast maturing is always topical when choosing a hedge. Note to the wise; faster growing hedges don’t slow down when they reach your desired height.


The first season is key in making sure your new ‘Instant Hedge’ gets off to flying start. While it may give the same benefits as a wall, it is a living thing and therefore needs care for its first season. After season 1 your hedge should be self sufficient as regards water. Watering – Easy Peasy!! We always use ‘drip pipe’ to ensure adequate irrigation. This leaky pipe is laid at the base of the new mature hedge and will drip water over longer periods onto the desired area. No run off. Highly efficient. Easily run from a domestic supply. Worked right it almost ensures 100% success rate.


Nutrition is also key in ensuring your new mature hedge continues to thrive. New ‘virgin’ soils require very little supplementation. Where hedges are replaced and/or soils are hungry or of poorer quality, soil conditioner and artificial fertilisers will play an important part in keeping your hedge healthy. If in doubt about your soil quality, try to do your soil preparation/ improvement in advance of planting. A stitch in time ……..!


There is no hard and fast when it comes to pruning. A ‘short back and sides’ is usually order of the day. Try to trim annually. This way cuttings are lighter and its easier keep the hedge at the desired height and width. Traditionally, an A shape with slightly sloping sides was trim of choice. It maximises light to the bottom of the hedge, helping it maintain its fullness to the ground. Timing of pruning is important. This can increase or reduce the amount of annual growth depending on when it’s carried out. It varies slightly for different varieties. But don’t worry; we are more than happy to share such information with our clients.