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Other HEDGING-old


Other Hedging

At Mature Hedges we have many varieties on offer that can change from time to time. Give us a call and we will update you on other special varieties that are available for your property.

Green Privet

Ligustrum Ovalifolium

Green privet was widely used in the past and while it fell out of ‘fashion’ it has been undergoing a real revival of late. And we can see why!  This vigorous hardy plant has alot of character. Small dark green leaves and abundant white flowers in summer is why many people are returning to this old favourite. And as with all evergreens it is ideal screening for privacy, shelter and security 365 days a year.  Note; technically classed as a semi evergreen, this hedge may partially drop its leaves in very severe winters. In such cases it quickly greens up again in early spring. Not generally a problem in Ireland though.

White Cedar

Thuja occ. Brabant

White Cedar – This is NOT leylandii and nor should it ever be confused with it!!! This is a wonderful hardy evergreen hedge.  Its extremely dense habit is easily maintained and controlled due to its steady growth rate. It’s very suited to exposed sites.  And as with all evergreens it is ideal screening for privacy, shelter, security and sound 365 days a year.  We sing loud and proud with regard to this hedges’ strengths!