Home 2 - Fully Grown Irish Mature hedges installed in one day
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Reinvent your garden

Shelter, Privacy and Security

We offer a supply of Mature Hedges for the convenience of our customers in Ireland. We are happy to provide you with honest, impartial advice to ensure you pick the best hedging plant for your needs, then get you off to a flying start.
At MatureHedges.ie, we grow a large range of mature hedging to address your garden requirements. We are the Hedge Experts in Ireland both north and south, servicing residential and commercial clients in all thirty two counties. So if you are redesigning or upgrading a garden of any size, shape or type, give us a shout for a quick and honest quote. Most installations require just one day.

Have a fully grown Irish hedge planted in just one day!

Order today and save time, life is too short to wait for your hedge to grow. We will supply and plant a laurel or beech hedge to give you instant privacy and shelter.
We have many different varieties of hedging plants to suit your individual taste and garden style, we provide a choice of mature plants suitable for your site conditions at competitive prices, we have a large variety from our Nursery in Birr, Co. Offally and we also supply some additional varieties from our partners in the Netherlands.

In just one day!

Our Hedging Nursery is based in County Offaly, Ireland. Our hedges are grown and matured for several years under our year round care and supervision. All plants are nurtured from saplings to provide the healthiest fully grown hedges for our clients. We have provided solutions for many years to an array of clientele such as new residential builds, commercial developments, country homes and government buildings. No job is too small or too big. We are the mature hedge experts and would be happy to consult with you to provide a solution for your home or property. Call today.